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Amando Boncales (ALTHASH CEO)
We are a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) company focused on providing decentralized ledger and blockchain solutions to governments and large institutions throughout the world. With over five years of experience in the blockchain field and a true world-wide team of skilled professionals from six continents, Althash provides enterprise-level software integration and deployment services for leveraging the power of blockchain.
Our state of the art blockchain is a hybrid of Bitcoin and Ethereum technologies, leveraging the security of the UTXO protocol and flexibility of Virtual Machines, with additional abstraction layers that provide further speed, additional security and functionality to the network. Fueled by HTMLCOIN, the cryptocurrency that powers the network, the Althash blockchain is able to provide a fast, efficient and reliable platform for secure and easy to use applications for institutions, businesses and individuals.


Many cultures, many experiences, lots of talents.

Marcio Gandra (EVP of Innovation & Technology)
Althash strives to provide the world with an easy to use and meaningful blockchain platform. One that not only provides businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals with a fast and secure environment for the processing of information, identity management, goods and services, but also allows for people to communicate with one another, increase their level of education, and ultimately improve their day-to-day lives.
With members from across six continents, our team is composed of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals working on their dream jobs to transform the vision of Althash into reality.

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Our team has several professionals with years of experience in the cryptocurrency market, several of whom are now professors, speakers, developers, writers and people extremely active in the crypto ecosystem.

A. Raheem
In addition, we have several bridges in government agencies in different parts of the world, as well as renowned universities and companies. We are able to provide the information you need, from creation to security of your business involving blockchain and its fascinating market.
We are talking about 6 years of expertise in a market with more than 10 only. All you need to be present in this business, managing risks, creating opportunities and good projects with Blockchain, we are able to offer.

Tokenization is the process of turning things into singular or fractioned digital assets.

Márcio Gandra
Technically speaking, you are developing an algorithm that will be implemented as a smart contract on the blockchain. This algorithm defines all the features of your future token: its value, quantity, denominations, name and even specific transaction functions. Obviously, the concept of securitization (as a more general form of tokenization) goes back well before the rise of cryptocurrencies.
Securitization is the process of bringing together various types of contractual debt obligations - such as mortgages, car loans or credit card debt - and selling your money flows related to third party investors as securities, which can be described as bonds, securities transferable securities or collateralized debt obligations (CDOs).

To own a criptocurrency gives you economic power and freedom. To create your own criptocurrency gives your project independency.

V. Hoffmann
Htmlcoin is the cryptocurrency used as gas by Althash Blockchain, from which, in these 6 years, several projects were founded. Its hybrid characteristics (BTC / ETH) in addition to low cost and transaction speed, make it the perfect choice for a scalable blockchain project.
But you can also, in addition to creating your own token on our Token Farm platform, count on our support for the development of your own crypto currency or smart contract. Our team will give you all the necessary consultancy, from the code to the implementation with all the strategic actions involved.

Dapps are decentralized applications that can perform from a simple validation of proof of existence and time, such as complex financial operations ...

Ilo Rivero
decentralized loans, games, various operations, such as software properly on the blockchain working through immutable contracts or not. Have you thought about turning that idea in your head into reality? Count on the disruption of blockchain technology and transform society and the economic world?
Our team has extensive experience in this type of development. Not only cryptocurrency and Blockchain knowledge, but artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT), hardwares, human-machine interfaces ... See in our portfolio the latest releases.

Althash Labs will bring together developers and the community in the same environment for the exchange of information and mutual assistance.

Leandro Machado
Have you ever had an idea that did not go ahead because there was no one who could execute it? Ever needed to assemble a team of developers and couldn't find who? Have you ever wanted to contribute to any of our projects and there was no way?
Althash Labs is the definitive collaborative solution to these problems. If you want to know more about this program, visit labs.althash.org and join us !

Projects Guidelines

If you are interested in carrying out your blockchain project with the support of Althash, our team will analyze the business requirements in order to propose the most appropriate solution to the costs and structure.
There are several possible business models, from simple contracting, where the copyright is all owned by the owner, as well as mutual collaboration and / or projects in effective society. Regardless of your proposal, we are eager for innovation, development and partnerships that contribute to increasing the quality of life for all beings on this planet.
After the negotiation stage, the technical scope of the project begins to be elaborated. Several phases of meetings and approvals are made at this time. At this stage, the entire team is involved in the search for the most efficient solution to the problem. With the scope approved, we started to develop the back end and front end.
In the development stage, the best technologies have already been defined for the business and the work of coding and technological infrastructure begins. Presentation meetings are held periodically for adjustments and approval.
In the final stage, several beta tests will be carried out among our team and also in our community, gradually measuring scalability, so that possible errors and adjustments can be made before the final public launch. By following all these steps correctly, your results will undoubtedly be successfully achieved.
Althash Labs is a program dedicated to integrate the great devs potential present in Althash/Htmlcoin community with our projects that are paused for any lack of development. If you see some project that fits your skills and you want to join us, let´s talk about.

Products and Solutions

The sheer amount of data needed to be recorded, managed and safely accessed on different platforms within departments of government and large organizations is proving to be overwhelming for traditional software solutions that need constant updates and overhauls to keep up with the technology as well as human needs and society in general. But even constantly updated hardware and traditional software solutions are always prone to security breaches, loss of data, network down times and other factors that impede on the availability of critical data at sometimes crucial moments.

If a technology came along to mitigate or eliminate most of those risks and be able to do it in a cost-effective manner, it would be truly revolutionary for this day and age. And that is exactly what blockchain proves itself to be. Having been tested out in the open for over one decade through some of the most pivotal use cases such as currency in a digital world, blockchain is providing the most secure and always-on reliability that a technology for the future requires.

Althash has been active in this space for over five years, spanning from the Htmlcoin Foundation and developing solutions to various problems arising from this need of vast amounts of data requiring high security and always-on dependability.

Why Choose Us?

We’re Creative

Our team has talents in different parts of the world, this union of races, beliefs, cultures and diversity has enabled us to cultivate extremely creative solutions in different sectors.

We’re Punctual

We understand the need for agility in today's modern world. We work with the most modern project and people management tools to guarantee your product within the agreed deadlines.

We have history

6 years of history in the crypto scene is not for everyone. Resilience, honesty, persistence and commitment were keys to being here today.

We are minimalists

Every detail matter, every detail is fundamental in a project. We analyze each step in a case, always trying to overcome ourselves more and more.

We’re responsible

Years in the market prove and attest to the suitability of our staff, in addition to the responsibility and devotion with which our professionals work.

We have passion

No matter how big your business, your consumer audience or your revenue, it is worthless if it is not done with passion.

What people say?

"Incredible transaction speed, very cheap transactions fees, worldwide community and developers. Htmlcoin is the Althash soul!"

N. Oliveira, Business Partners

What people say?

"Althash is one of the best market option for scalability and blockchain low cost operations."

Sergio Ossiliere - FCJ Venture Builder - São Paulo

What people say?

"Althash and Htmlcoin were the best options for building Lottochain.io."

Paulo Felipe Dias - Lottochain Developer

What people say?

"Altproof is the exact solution we were seeking for USP Covid-19 tests timestamping register."

Prof. Ilo Rivero

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