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About Cytrace

"Beyond bitcoin, blockchain provides many other opportunities for agritech sector. It is an old promisse that all food producers are waiting for modernising agri-food supply chains with real trust."

Vince V.
More and more food consumer goods are produced, transformed, and distributed by an ever-increasing number of players, spread across the globe. This complexity of the global food system is making supply chains more opaque and more fragile. Consumers want more visibility on the origin, journey, and composition of the food that ends up on their plates.
In this context, players of the agri-food sector and of mass distribution share the need to modernise their supply chain. Cytrace offers imutable blockchain registers in a modular way, where you can customize your needs, according to your business structure, costumers demands and legal requirements.
Food and Trust
are interconnected
Blockchain Imutability
is the key for confidence
Know what do you eat
with Cytrace

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Indeed, food blockchain projects are being developed the world over. Everywhere, the target benefit is the same: the blockchain enables storage of information relating to food throughout its production, transformation, and distribution – from farm to fork. But what makes Cytrace unique is that it is not only a blockchain traceability platform, but a social network with marketplace integrated to connect all producers in one single environment.
In practice, the different stakeholders of the supply chain inscribe into the blockchain (manually or automatically, with the help of smart sensors using IoT technology) information relating to a food product at each stage of its production. The entire value chain is concerned: the grower or stockbreeder, the vet when applicable, the wholesaler, the transporter, the distributer. And all of them can be connected inside the app exchanging relevant information to increase technology and the economy in this sector.


Frequently Asked Questions
How Cytrace can help my farm products and my consumers ?
Using a intuitive interface, you will be able to register each step of your production - from seeding to harvesting, passing through treatments, package and delivery. All steps of your agri-business can be tracked and validated using Blockchain technology. Your costumers will receive, check and verify all info they need and want before taking the decision of purchase or consume. It´s all about trust and proof.
How my consumer will access this data ?
Through our web platform and using a QR code app scanner, all product info will be avaliable with this tracking steps since the beggining of the chain.
How many parts can integrate the same tracking chain ?
You can add unlimited secondary users that make part of your production chain to interact with yours.
How much Cytrace costs?
Cytrace is free for commercial and non-commercial use. You will only need to pay each transaction gas using Htmlcoin.
What about the costs per record?
About 0.1 Htmlcoin, quotation at 02 August 2020 - aprox. 0.00006 usd. You can carry more than 10.000 transactions per less than 1 usd.
Is it safe ?
With blockchain technology all data are imutable and you can verify all transactions using explorer.htmlcoin.com.


The revolution in agribusiness has already started.

Amando Boncales
Combined with the Internet of things, blockchain and smart contracts are bringing about a small revolution in the agri-food industry and the agricultural sector. Based on weather indexes, index-based insurance is an interesting use case.
Thus, a smart contract signed in the blockchain between a farmer and an insurer, stipulating that an indemnity will be paid according to such or such a weather event on the basis of data provided by sensors, enables immediate payment, without the intervention of an insurance expert, in the case of a drought or a flood for example.

Time-stamping is one of the most valuable features of blockchain.

Julia E.
Each inscription generates a new block that, once validated, is timestamped and added to the chain of blocks. From then on it can no longer be modified or deleted, and the transactions it contains are visible by all users who have received authorisation to access the blockchain.
The promise of the food blockchain is to make supply chains more secure, transparent, and efficient in order to improve product traceability. For the agri-food industry, the stakes are high.

Food quality means health.

M. Gandra
On the one side it’s about combatting fraud, and on the other it’s about increasing food security (faster identification of the source of any potential contamination) and restoring consumer confidence, which has been shaken by food scandals. As is demonstrated, consumers want more visibility on the origin, journey, and composition of the food that ends up on their plates.
Virtually real-time tracking with the possibility to easily trace the origin of products, better management of data, higher efficiency of the supply chain, confidence building, etc. The use of blockchain technology within the scope of supply chain modernisation offers many benefits.

Fast actions can be done when you have control of your process.

A. Raheem
When a certain food product is suspected to be dangerous to the public, countries tend to order an indiscriminate recall of the same types of products, regardless of their sources, to minimise the damage. The lack of traceability in the food system often results in a loss of industry-wide revenue and public confidence in food safety.
In response to this glaring problem, some have turned to blockchain to increase transparency in the food supply chain, allowing the public to examine each product’s source at unprecedented detail.

Information and data are the second most valuable things after the land itself in agribusiness.

Ilo Rivero
Consumers appreciate transparent food information, and value tracked products more. Using blockchain as a traceability tool has certain PR value, which can get you not only headlines in newspapers but a lot of information that well analysed can bring lots of marketing results, as well.
Traceability can explain why a premium product needs more work, more commitment from the supply chain, and what extra value consumers get for the price. A growing number of countries require traceability information for imported foods (USA, China, EU, Japan, etc.).

What people say?

"Everything we need to know about our food is the origin."

Angela Soares - Coffee Producer

What people say?

"Pesticides can be harmfull for a lot of people, with Cytrace i can track if any was added, which and when."

Silvio Messias - Agronomist

What people say?

"Cytrade is the solution for traceability with trust, no one can bring more trust than a blockchain register."

Felipe - Drop Pulverization

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