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About USP Covid-19 Test

"To bring USP and Althash together will open lots of amazing doors of innovation."

Marcio Gandra
Brazilians use fish to create quick test app for Covid-19. Still in the validation phase, the test works from diagnostic tapes produced with zebrafish antibodies. Researchers from the University of São Paulo (USP) created an application that generates tests for the new coronavirus up to five times cheaper than conventional ones, based on experiments with zebrafish (paulistinha fish). Led by the postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences Ives Charlie da Silva, the project has the participation of a multidisciplinary team formed by scientists from several colleges at USP and other educational institutions.
Still in the validation phase, the proposal involves diagnostic tapes equipped with QR codes . The tapes carry antibodies against the coronavirus extracted from eggs of São Paulo fish. The idea is that the patient uses a swab, a kind of cotton swab, to collect their own saliva and, subsequently, apply the sample to the surface to react with the antibodies. "To obtain the result, she [the person] would open the application and read the QR code of the tape," said Ives Charles, in an interview with Jornal da USP.
Ilo Rivero
Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC)
Natália Feitosa
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)
Ives Charlie da Silva
Departamento de Farmacologia do ICB

Project Status Know more about Covid-19 Stripe Test

Prototype 100%
Development 90%
Zebra Fish Experiments 100%
Validation Tests 90%
To obtain the antibodies, the researchers introduced the spinous protein from the new coronavirus into the fish. These structures are known as the main instrument used by the antigen to invade human cells. The animals then produced antibodies to neutralize the protein. Scientists also induced the fish to reproduce, with the aim of passing on the organism's defense agents to the eggs deposited by zebrafish. The antibodies were then extracted and used to produce the diagnostic tapes.
The "zebrafish" is a great animal model to develop this mission, since an adult fish of the species measures about 5 centimeters in length. This optimizes design space and allows testing costs to be reduced by five times. The initiative of Ives Charlie and his colleagues appeared at the Global Virtual Hackathon Covid-19, based in Azerbaijan on 10 and 12 April. The project ranked third in the competition and Althash Blockchain was choosen to keep safe the records.

What people say?

"The "zebrafish" is a great animal model to develop this mission, since an adult fish of the species measures about 5 centimeters in length."

Ives Charles - Covid 19 Test Developer

What people say?

"Althash Blockchain was the best and cheapest solution found for Covid-19 Test."

Ilo Rivero - Covid 19 Test Developer

What people say?

"Urgent problems need urgent solutions with innovation and creativity."

Marcio Gandra - EVP of Innovation

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